Melksham Day One

Well, day one of Melksham Comic Con is officially done and its been a cracking day. The staff were friendly and helpful, the customers were lively and there was a great turnout. All in all, its been a tiring but successful day. 😉

And tomorrow I’ll be dressed as Harley Quinn to celebrate day two and my birthday. The things I let myself get talked into…




Melksham Update

So folks, I’ll be at Melksham Comic Con tomorrow and Sunday on table 14. After the disappointment of Geekedfest, I’m hoping for a good weekend. Fingers have been crossed, heathen gods prayed to and the car is loaded and ready to go. 😉

If you’re around and about in Wiltshire, pop over and have a look around – entry costs just £7 each day and there’s plenty to see and do. There’ll be trade and artist’s stands, cos players and panels, and I think there’s even a learn to play Magic the Gathering demo. The show runs from 10 til 5pm both days.

And with a bit of luck, I may have a short graphic novel published soon – watch this space for more info.

Geekedfest 2015

It was looking to be a very promising event – a new Comic Con held in Newport with some great guests and cosplayers, along with exhibitors and vendors. Stands were set up on Friday, traders eagerly awaiting the anticipated 3000 strong crowd that had been promised to turn out over the course of the weekend. Stock was up and proudly on display, last minute preparations were completed and hotels were checked into. In a nutshell, we were all set for what was meant to be an epic weekend of geekery and sales.

It was not meant to be though. Despite the popularity on Facebook and the advertising we’d all done on our own websites and business pages, the attendance was very low which made for a very frustrating and tiring weekend. The estimated 3000 punters turned out to be around 350 at most, with a lot of those numbers attending on both days. The vendors felt bad for the guests at the lack of fans, while the guests themselves felt bad for the vendors as there was precious little trade to be had. Sadly a lot of us packed up our stalls early on Sunday and came away feeling disappointed. Not only through the lack of paying customers but because some of the staff were genuinely gutted that the turnout was so poor. 

It was disappointing and upsetting that the vendor liaison didn’t introduce himself to any of us, which only served to add fuel to the rapidly increasing fires of discontent that were running rife through the exhibtors’ ranks. Even I was getting frustrated and angry, with a lot of people feeling that we’d been sold up the river and lied to about the projected numbers. Having to Google search for an image of the main point of contact we’d had for five months was not what any of us had anticipated and when said point of contact didn’t even speak as he passed the stands the ire began to rise even further.

However, despite the lack of trade and disappointing crowd turnout there was still amusement to be had courtesy of the guests and the cosplayers. Having to bravely rescue a print from the Joker and avoiding being forced choked by Darth Vader were certainly highlights, as was having some witty banter with Deadpool and being one of Captain Jack Sparrow’s red headed wenches.

Here’s hoping that next year’s event is better for all concerned. 😉

I’ll pop some pictures up on the next post for your viewing pleasure.

ICE Birmingham

It’s starting to look like a busy summer for Twisted Art – as well as Geekedfest Newport and Melksham Comic Con in August we’re now booked in for the International Comic Expo at Birmingham on September 5th! This one is just the one day only so if you want some unique goodies, check out their site on how to get tickets.

More updates as they happen.

Avengers assemble!

Preparations are underway for both Geekedfest and Melksham, where I’m hoping to have lots of lovely, shiny, original goodies up for sale. Unfortunately I am one of the few poor souls who has to work over Easter so things aren’t going as quickly as originally anticipated. However I have managed to get a page of Deadpool magnets created and did a quick stencil test on none other than Agent Maria Hill from The Avengers. Click on the thumbnail image for the full size version.




As always, watch this space for updates and sneak peeks.

Welsh Convention Love

It’s official – I’m going to be at the Geekedfest convention in Newport on the 8th and 9th August! There’ll be lots of goodies up for grabs, from magnets and postcards to posters and prints so come by and say hello. I’ll have loads of Marvel and DC pics along with stencils of your favourite TV and film characters, and my own original designs too. I’m also hoping to have Volume I of my graphic novel Supers up for grabs… if I can get it finished in time.

It’s a relatively new con so drop by and give them some support. For ticket prices, venue info and more check out their website website: 

I don’t bite and I’ll have had coffee by then so you’ll be safe. Well I say safe – depends on if it’s a full moon or not…


So a while back before the True Believers convention, a friend at work asked me if I could create a stencil picture of his son. Me being me (namely unable to say the word no and always up for a bit of a challenge) I agreed and finally came up with the following piece. It turned out to be a runaway success – so much so that I’ve managed to gain at least three other commissions from it!


If you would like a photo of a loved one, friend, or even a pet transformed into a unique piece of modern art all you have to do contact me. Drop me an email,  leave me a comment or find me on the ever popular Book of Face.  😉




So folks,  I’m going to be at the Film and Comic Convention in Cardiff on March 21st and 22nd with my good friends Square Orange Games.  I’ll be helping out on their stand but never fear – there’ll be some of my posters and magnets up for grabs.  There may even be a few unusual handmade plushies on sale too…

If you want some very cool games,  miniatures and the like check out their website – they’re also on Facebook as am I.  Links are below below:

True Believers 2015

Twisted Art made their debut appearance at the True Believers Comic Convention on Feb 7th. Held at The Centaur at Cheltenham Racecourse, our little stand did quite well amongst some of the comic book giants that were there! It was a great day and for our first ever convention we couldn’t have picked a better place to start.  The staff were wonderful,  the other artists and exhibitors were friendly and a great day was had.  The brave souls who came in cosplay all looked incredible and we had a helping hand from our very own version of Batgirl!FB_IMG_1423762178557

We’re looking forward to next year’s convention – table is soon to be booked!  We’re looking to attend other conventions over the year so watch this space for updates.